Sustenance For Seniors: Nourishing the Body From the Inside Out

If you’re like many healthy older adults, you probably adopted good lifestyle habits years ago. You either stopped smoking or you never started in the first place. You enjoy your…

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What Is a Zen-Inspired Life Plan Community After All?

You may wonder how a Zen-inspired way of aging consciously differs from the world of traditional senior living. Traditional retirement communities are beneficial and help people maximize their health and…

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woman sitting and meditating

4 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

Although we gratefully acknowledge that longer life spans are a gift, aging can bring with it difficulties like aches and pains, cognition changes, personal loss, depression, and anxiety. Modern medicine…

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When it Comes To Finding Your Senior Living Community, It Pays To Start Looking Early

For many people, “someday” is just another day on the calendar. Someday when the kids are grown. Someday when the house is paid off. Someday when we retire. Trouble is,…

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older couple playing cards and giving each other a high five

Six Questions to Ask When Comparing Senior Living Communities

As you plan for retirement living and compare communities, learning what to look for in a senior living community is key to finding a place you can call home. Consider…

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Simi Valley

If you’re an older adult living in California — or have always aspired to live in the Golden State — spread out a California state map. Think of the features…

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