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Community Overview

Uniquely Different

In these ways, among many others, Ensō Verde will be fundamentally different from what most of us imagine senior living to be.

A “Life Plan Community” is a residential campus for older adults that includes options for independent living in apartments or freestanding homes as well as a culinary offering, lifestyle amenities and services and the opportunity to receive long-term healthcare services on-site. In that overall aspect, Ensō Verde will embrace that vision. But in many important ways, it will differ greatly from what most of us imagine senior living to be based on previous exposure to other communities.

Uniqueness of Ensō Verde:

  • The community will be rooted in the fundamental values of kindness and compassion, and staff will be trained in Mindful Caregiving.
  • Committed to “living lightly on the land.”
  • Incorporating the beauty of the natural environment to create a contemplative community that also is exciting and engaging.
  • Spiritual practice will be facilitated by the presence of resident teachers from a variety of traditions.
  • Locally sourced ingredients for healthy dining, a community garden, mindfulness and meditation spaces, and other activities for healthy living, learning, and entertainment.
  • Daily meditation and regularly scheduled Dharma talks will be offered, and community members will be free to organize all aspects of their social, intellectual, cultural and spiritual lives.

Community Benefits

Community Impact:

  • We will help meet the need for more housing for older adults in Ventura County.
  • Provide access to memory care and assisted living to members of the local community, when available.
  • Provide community meeting spaces.
  • Make team members and residents available as resources to older adults on a volunteer basis.
  • Collaborate with local groups to offer educational programs to the greater Ventura County community.
  • Bring employment, as well as internships, training programs and intergenerational activities, to the local community.

Enso Verde Pre-Construction and Construction Timeline

  • Spring, 2023 – Initiate Priority Program
  • Summer, 2024 – Begin Taking Reservation Deposits
  • Summer, 2025 – Construction Commences
  • Summer, 2027 – Initial Occupancy

The Right Decision Starts with the Right Information

We’ve created an informative community brochure that will introduce you to Zen-inspired senior living coming soon to Ventura County. You’ll learn about our partnership with the San Francisco Zen Center and The Kendal® Corporation, the advantages of a Life Plan Community, our uniquely different values and practices, benefits of living at our community, and much more!