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Dining and Culinary

A land of sustenance.

As a Zen-inspired life plan community, we have designed community dining venues, on-site farming opportunities, and a teaching kitchen at Ensō Verde so residents can stay connected to the food we share with one another. We hope residents will come to regard meals as both a source of sustenance and social opportunity. California is recognized worldwide as a destination for culinary and vinicultural excellence, and so there is a strong focus here at Ensō Verde on the pleasures of growing and procuring, preparing and sharing exceptional meals.

Meals at Ensō Verde will be chef-prepared and include:

  • Farm-to-table cuisine and an abundance of vegetarian options
  • Seasonal menus that feature daily specials, locally sourced ingredients and a dedication to sustainable practices
  • A flexible dining plan providing each resident with monthly credits at all dining venues 
  • On-site catering for special events 

Many future residents of Ensō Verde are excited to learn about an affiliation with the famous Greens Restaurant, which first opened in 1979 in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center. One of the community’s dining venues will be fashioned after Greens and serve vegetarian fare. Other dining venues will offer a full range of choices to satisfy omnivores and pescatarians.

Living lightly, caring deeply.

Ensō Verde has been designed and built in accordance with the principles of “living lightly on the land.” So, in addition to offering residents an unrivaled dining experience focusing on organic, farm-to-table cuisine, we will strive to meet the highest level of sustainability and leave the smallest possible ecological footprint while maintaining impeccable standards of quality and flavor.

Accordingly, in addition to cultivating produce here on campus, we will cultivate relationships with local farms and providers to achieve the goal of bringing much of the food that we serve at the community from the surrounding area.

This philosophy is consistent with both the Zen roots and Quaker values of Kendal. It also thoughtfully complements the community’s location in Simi Valley, a unique region that offers both remarkable biodiversity and a long growing season. “Think of Zen practice, being aware of the earth and environment, and understanding Kendal’s Quaker ethos of social responsibility,” says Benjamin Butler, Kendal’s vice-president of development and culinary services expert. “Then, think of California, where sustainability and the farm-to-table and thoughtful growth movements come from. It all comes together at Ensō Verde.”

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