rendering of buildings at Enso Verde in simi valley, california

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Zen-inspired senior living?

While Ensō Verde will embrace the overall vision of a Life Plan Community and be a residential option for older adults with lifestyle amenities and services and a continuum of care options, the ways Ensō Verde will be unique are many. Briefly, it has to do with being rooted in the fundamental values of kindness and compassion, a commitment to giving back, sustainability, and healthy, locally-sourced foods, facilitating spiritual practices across traditions with resident teachers, incorporating the beauty of the natural environment, spaces for contemplation, healthy living, learning, and entertainment. In addition, community members will be free to organize all aspects of their social, intellectual, cultural and spiritual lives. You can read more here.

2. Where is Ensō Verde? Is it possible to visit?

The Ensō Verde site is nestled in a verdant valley with a mountain view, adjacent to a sycamore grove and spanning a dry creek. The site is in Simi Valley, and yes, it is possible to visit the location, which you can find using this link. (Please note- while you will be able to see the property, there is currently a locked gate that limits access.) For a live tour, please reach out to Joel Ritz, Sales Counselor, at 805-657-2732 or   

You can visit virtually through video by clicking here.

3. When will Ensō Verde begin taking deposits?

We are currently taking Priority Deposits of $1,000 that are fully repayable, should plans change. For now, this nominal deposit will ensure a package of financial incentives that will not be extended once construction has begun. Until that time, Priority Members will receive:

  • First choice of residences at preconstruction pricing
  • Exclusive privileges such as input on amenities and invitations to special events
  • Residence personalization and professional move-in assistance
  • A 90% repayable Entrance Fee (vs. Standard 80%)
  • Second-Person Entrance Fee waived ($35,000)
  • A 15% discount on higher levels of care

To take advantage of these benefits before they expire by making your repayable $1,000 deposit, please click here.

4. Is Ensō Verde open?

Ensō Verde is projected to open in 2027. We’re currently taking Priority Deposits to reserve a place in line to choose a residence. We anticipate taking reservation deposit commitment for particular residences starting in Summer 2024. Construction is planned to commence in Summer 2025.

5. What opportunities will there be to integrate Zen practice into everyday life?

As we like to say, “Zen-inspired, not required.” While Zen practice is intrinsic to the community, it is not a requirement, and we welcome all religious and philosophical choices and traditions at Ensō Verde.

Daily sittings, classes, practice groups, lectures and workshops will be available to those who choose to participate. There will be a meditation hall, and retired Zen teachers will live in the community along with retired clergy from other traditions to facilitate spiritual practice and encourage interaction and dialogue.

In addition, team members and interested residents will be instructed in the practice of Mindful Community Training, a new modality of care that draws on the transformative mutuality of caregiver and care receiver.

For more insight into the life of Ensō Verde, please visit out Gallery & Videos page.

6. Will this community be for Zen practitioners, residents and teachers only?

Definitely not. While we expect Zen practitioners to embrace Ensō Verde, as well as enrich the culture immensely, supporting a spirit of inclusion and fostering diversity are core values of the community. Therefore, everyone is welcome without regard to race, faith, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or any other characteristic protected by law. In short, we are open to all who are open to aging mindfully and living joyfully in a beautiful and sustainably designed environment. And as a Kendal affiliate, the community is expected to also attract those that align with Quaker values. Ensō Verde will also operate in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

7. Will Ensō Verde own the land or lease?

Ensō Verde (incorporated as Kendal at Ventura a Zen-Inspired Community, LLC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that will own the land.

8. What if I have long-term care insurance?

Many residents who have long-term care insurance and require assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing services may be able to apply their insurance benefits to services at Ensō Verde. Residents can contact their insurance representatives directly to explore further how their long-term care insurance benefits may be applied.

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