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To be well and to live well are one and the same.

Wellness and well-being will have a prominent focus at Ensō Verde, along with the principles of mindfulness. To be mindful is to invest yourself in every action you take and every moment you perceive. The reward of making that investment can be both immediate and enduring. 

Mindfulness practitioners encourage us to open our minds to the messages our bodies are sending; and by doing this, we can set realistic goals for our fitness and fully experience the rewards of achieving them.  

A place for mindfulness

Physical spaces at Ensō Verde will support you in your overall well-being. Dedicated areas such as a Zendo, or meditation space, courtyards and a memorial grove have been designed to contribute to a culture of mindful appreciation. Even the mountainside setting in Simi Valley has been chosen for its quiet beauty and serenity. In addition, we’re putting great thought into every detail of community life, including how we plan to prepare and serve food, remaining mindful of and grateful for its journey from farm to table.

Aspects of Wellness at Ensō Verde

Taking cues from the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center of the San Francisco Zen Center, the wellness center at Ensō Verde will provide unique spaces for residents to work on both their minds and bodies. From Tai Chi to yoga, the Health Club will offer numerous classes, as well as a swimming pool and state-of-the-art equipment.

Classes may include:

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Strength Training
  • Walking on the surrounding trails
  • Many other fitness opportunities

Health is at your doorstep.

For residents of Ensō Verde, health and well-being are inseparable. Here, people will show care about how you’re doing and how you’re feeling, and resources made available to help you.   

As part of additional ala carte services Ensō Verde will provide, trusted outside providers can offer care companions in individual residences as well as home visits by medical professionals for basic checkups. A clinic is planned on campus where both traditional physical therapy and rehabilitation to alternative modalities such as acupuncture and massage can be offered.

Practicing care in every sense of the word.

Ensō Verde residents will benefit from a practice known as Mindful Community Training, a person-focused approach to caregiving that incorporates mindfulness, compassionate action and moment-to-moment awareness in relationship with the individual being cared for. At every step of the way, health & wellness advocates support and navigate the ecosystem of care to conform to the desires and objectives of the care receiver.

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